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At CW Services, LLC, we understand the importance of clean, soft water in your home. That's why we're proud to offer top-of-the-line water conditioning services. Our goal is to ensure that every drop of water in your home is pure, safe, and enjoyable.

Water conditioning refers to the process of removing minerals, chemicals, and various impurities from your water. In residential settings, this is typically done through two primary methods: softening the water and purifying it. Each approach to water conditioning offers its benefits and targets different elements in your water for filtration.

Water Softening - Water softening removes calcium, magnesium, and other metals and minerals are removed from your water. Soft water helps extend the lifespan of your plumbing, is easier to use with soap, and is healthier to drink than hard water.

Water Purification - Through water purification, chorine and other missed contaminants from water are removed. Water purification is only necessary for drinking and cooking, so it's usually a part of kitchen plumbing.

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Water Conditioning Equipment

We're proud to provide Lancaster Water Conditioning Equipment.

If you're looking to improve the water quality in your home, there are several options available. Some systems we can install include:

House Filters - Numerous kinds of home filtration systems exist, such as carbon block filters, ultraviolet (UV) light systems, reverse osmosis units, infrared filters, and more. Each of these systems uses a distinct method to rid water of contaminants. For instance, exposing water to UV light effectively kills bacteria, while reverse osmosis involves forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane to strip away impurities.

Water Softeners - A water softener is where your water passes through before circulating through your home's plumbing system. Although all water softeners serve the same purpose, their filtering techniques can vary. For example, the majority of water softeners use sodium as the key filtering element. Others may use a potassium-chloride salt substitute instead.

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